About Boss Zhipin is the first online recruitment product of Internet direct employment mode in the world, which is committed to building an efficient communication and information equivalence platform for recruiters and job seekers. With "direct chat + precise matching" as the core of the product, Boss Zhipin introduces instant messaging into the recruitment scene, and uses big data and artificial intelligence technology to continuously pursue multidimensional accurate recommendation and matching of Posts and talents, so as to realize the overall improvement of the efficiency and effect of job recruitment for users.

Type: Enterprise, Industry Internet


Zhao Peng Founder & CEO
Senior talent experts, marketing experts. Mr. Zhao Peng graduated from the law department of Peking University. He once served as the research director of the general office of the Youth League Central Committee, the project development director of China Youth Volunteer Association, and the CEO of Zhilian. In 2013, Mr. Zhao Peng founded the kanzhun technology group. The group has three sub brands: kanzhun.com, boss direct employment and store manager direct employment. The total number of service users exceeds 100 million.

What is your entrepreneurial vision? To be the first recruitment platform in the world in terms of service scale and value creation.

What is the most daunting challenge when starting up the business? Whether the evolution of the organization can adapt to the development of the business.

What does ZWC provide to help? Dollar and temperature.

Why do you turn to ZWC for investment and what is difference between ZWC and other shareholders? For the company's investment, it is the largest single investment in history, which represents the company's good faith and sincerity.