About Guangzhou Ktu Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in August 2017, now has covered all the coastal economic zones of China from its start point - Pearl River Delta, serving tens of thousands of SMEs with more than 60 light allocating centers in China's core economic regions / cities, over 40,000 stable dispatching lines and 2,915 cities, districts and counties covered by the ending logistics. With artificial intelligence as the core, the company has produced personalized service solutions by accurately discerning the customer needs and provides one-stop door-to-door delivery service for customers by integrating excellent transport capacity resource and efficient online + offline service response. Relying on the empowerment from the intelligent platform, the company has realized the centralized procurement of high-quality transportation capacity resources, which removed the intermediate links and intensive operation, so as to help the customers to reduce great logistics costs, improve the efficiency of logistics management and control and successfully realize the convenient and reassuring transportation. By the standardized operation system for the less than truckload cargos with the weight between 500kg to 3tons, the company has taken the lead in making the promise of "delivering in a limited time and compensating for any delay"; and by the comprehensively improved cargo safety protection through the standardized system, the company has achieved punctual and safe delivery throughout the universe region.

Type: logistics


Liu Chenhuan CEO
Integrated Management and Operation Expert
Former CEO of P.G. Logistics Web, President of Televehicle Web

Zhou Kun CTO
Technology and Solutions Specialist
Former CTO of P.G. Logistics Web, Former CTO of Datang Panda,Former CTO of Tempus

What is your entrepreneurial vision? We hope that through technological innovation and mode innovation, we can help the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the logistics pain points and truly save money, trouble and worry.

What is the most daunting challenge when starting up the business? On the road of intelligent logistics agent management, as the first enterprise to eat crabs in the industry, express rabbit has no case to learn from. We need to rely on ourselves to explore each step, and gradually out of a unique development path.

What does ZWC provide to help? At the beginning of this year, ZWC led the investment in the new round of financing of express rabbit. We are very grateful for the full support of ZWC for us all the time. What is impressive is that at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic, there was a great shortage of anti epidemic materials in China. As an enterprise with nearly 1000 employees, we were also deeply troubled by materials. At that time, Patrick, the founder partner of ZWC, called me at the first time and told me that he was in Japan and would try to provide us with a batch of epidemic prevention supplies as soon as possible. After our communication, materials including masks and disinfectants arrived soon. In fact, at that time, we were still in the negotiation stage with Zhongwei. We were deeply moved that ZWC had such strong humanistic care and unreserved support for the intended enterprises. From this point of view, we believe that ZWC that really cares about our development and operation, and is a true partner with the same aspiration. Therefore, we firmly choose to join hands with ZWC and make concerted efforts.

Why do you turn to ZWC for investment and what is difference between ZWC and other shareholders? Partners are going forward in the long run, and the choice of shareholders also needs to consider in the long run. A shareholder who really cares about you will not only provide funds, but also care about your development and operation, and give support as far as possible. People really care about us and have proved this with their actions, which gives us a lot of confidence. This is the reason why we are determined to choose people to do things.