About HONlife is a "fruit cereal special research brand" of fashion health food honlife group, and has created "fruit cereal HON standard". The brand is represented by Guan Xiaotong and song Weilong. It is matched with satiated Qia seed and endowed with non fried healthy technology. It has won the title of Tmall V list product, the annual new brand of China Securities Times, and the most growing brand of iResearch.

Type: Consumer, Food


The team’s core management team has rich experience in e-commerce, Internet and traditional enterprises, and graduated from famous overseas and mainland schools, specializing in core sections such as brand science, nutrition, finance, e-commerce supply chain, etc. He has worked in many famous enterprises such as international investment bank, Tencent, Yili, etc., and has built many overseas brands, ranking first in China’s subdivided categories.

What is your entrepreneurial vision? The mission of the company is to create a healthy, original and delicious lifestyle for Chinese people. The company's vision is to become the leading enterprise of Chinese fashionable and healthy food, and let Chinese food gain the respect of the world.

What is the most daunting challenge when starting up the business? The challenge of talents, China's food industry still needs more talents.

What does ZWC provide to help? ZWC's investment team is very professional, and its grasp of the industry and post investment services have brought practical help to the company.

Why do you turn to ZWC for investment and what is difference between ZWC and other shareholders? On the one hand, crowdsourcing matches the values of the investment team, on the other hand, it also has unique advantages in considering the future resource cooperation strategy.