About Yunhu Health is China's leading Internet service platform for the basic medical industry, which can quickly improve the matching of primary medical resources with the mode of Internet + quality medical resources, to improve the diagnosis and treatment level of primary doctors, and enable everyone and every family in the primary community to enjoy high-quality and convenient medical services.We are committed to promoting the informatization construction of primary medical institutions, improving the management capability of primary medical institutions, improving the diagnosis and treatment level of primary doctors, providing the "last kilometer" of medical logistics services for the primary medical care, organizing expert teaching and other resources, which will provide competitive, safe and reliable medical products, services and solutions for primary medical institutions, enable open cooperation with upstream and downstream industrial partners, and continue to create value for primary medical institutions and the general public. Yunhu Health insists on being policy-oriented, industry-based and people need-based, to constantly innovate, and improve the four-network construction for platforms, including "Supply network", "Information network", "Logistics network" and "Terminal network", continuously increase investment in technology and infrastructure to develop application software with users' medical needs as the core, promote the overall development of the primary medical industry, helping the national tiered diagnosis & treatment strategy be implemented, and making the people around healthier!

Type: Indusrtial Internet / Healthcare


Chen Xiaobing Founder & CEOFirst Chairman of China Medical Life Science Cold Chain Industry Alliance;
Former head of life science supply chain project of SF Group;
Former head of the National Logistics Center of Adicon Laboratories, INC;
He has managed more than 2,000 professional frontline medical employees and the cold chain logistics service teams;
Senior expert in third-party medical laboratory/medical cold chain logistics industry.

Li Fuqiang Partner & COOMore than 10 years of experience in cold chain logistics;
National Logistics Director of Medicalsystem Diagnostics;
CEO of Meikangda Cold Chain Logistics Company;
Former head of business operation in Adicon (Shanghai) Laboratories, INC.

Mao Xiaowei Partner & CTOMore than 10 years of experience in medical laboratory Internet;
CTO of Information Software Company of Medicalsystem;
Former head of IT in Adicon Laboratories, INC;
Founder of Medical Laboratory Software APP.

Wang Xiaohong Partner & CMOMore than 10 years of experience in medical laboratory industry;
Former General Manager of Jilin Branch of Adicon Laboratories, INC;
Head of the National Sales Center of Medicalsystem Laboratory Group.

Yu Yanjun Partner & BDMore than 10 years of experience in terminal sales;
Co-founder of “Water and Electricity Housekeeper” ;
Founder of Weikai Culture;
Head of national operations of Tianyang Group.

Cao Xihai Partner & Brand Strategy Consultant
More than 10 years of experience in brand strategy planning;
Founder of Pioneer Brand Planning Co., Ltd., has formed a strategic partnership with the Institute of Modern Agricultural Investment Institute of Zhejiang University and has provided brand policy solutions persistently.

What is your entrepreneurial vision? Chen Xiaobing: Through the establishment of an online operation platform for primary medical institutions and the combination of Yunhu solutions for primary medical resources, 500,000 + primary medical institutions will be helped to improve the operation capabilities, and the national tiered diagnosis & treatment strategy is implemented quickly, providing high-quality and convenient medical services to nearly 800 million general public. In addition, we will create a new leading Internet service ecology for the basic medical industry in China, and make "Looking for Health" APP the preferred brand for national medical and health services.

What is the most daunting challenge when starting up the business? Chen Xiaobing: The biggest challenge in the past three years is time, which is not enough. There are still much to learn, improve and enhance. Our team is rushing for time every day, racing against time, working a few more hours every day to recover the lost time. At the same time, we should always maintain a forward-looking vision, grasp policy opportunities, and stick to our original intention in the changing market and competitive environment. We also need to make correct decisions continuously, focus on core businesses with limited resources, funds and talents, and continuously build a new leading Internet service platform for the basic medical industry of Yunhu to ensure the steady development and sustained growth of enterprises.

What does ZWC provide to help? Chen Xiaobing: It has provided all-round post-investment management for the invested enterprises, including: 1) Introducing enterprise cooperation of business collaboration; 2) Introducing high-quality investors that are concerned with the project; 3) Helping enterprises introduce high-end talents.

Why do you turn to ZWC for investment and what is difference between ZWC and other shareholders? Chen Xiaobing: As a leading Internet service platform for basic medical industry, "Empowering primary health care with science and technology, and making the people around healthier" is always the mission of Yunhu Health, which is in line with the investment layout of ZWC in consumer technology, enterprise services, industrial Internet and other fields with the "altruism" as the core. Under the same values, I hope to help our enterprise upgrade and develop the business through capital support of ZWC, accelerate the change of primary medical environment and medical habits, realizing the ambitious goal of "making the people around healthier".