ZWC Portfolio | Race against Time and Defeat Epidemic Together - Records of Yunhu Health in Fighting against Novel Coronavirus Epidemic
February 13, 2020

Faced with sever war against novel coronavirus epidemic, ZWC Partners’ Yunhu Health, as an Internet enterprise that is deeply engaged in primary care, responses quickly, works around the clock, races against time to mobilize advantageous resources and deploy series of epidemic prevention arrangements, providing all-round, on-line and off-line protection assistance for the citizens as well as medical staff who stand fast at the front line of the war.

Yunhu Health headed first to build the publicity platform for epidemic prevention and control, to open up the medical supplies express passage, to build up the primary-level graded diagnosis and treatment platform. Product lines such as Yunhu Medical Education, Yunhu Medical Science, Yunhu Logistics, Yunhu Medicine Delivery, and Mehealth APP are all standing up to face the challenge.

The invested enterprises of ZWC Partners represented by Yunhu have demonstrated the positive altruistic business model of socially minded enterprises with practical actions. In the war against epidemic, those enterprises have inspired, encouraged and moved the society and citizens.

The following is the true record of Yunhu Health in fighting against novel coronavirus epidemic since the eve of the Spring Festival:

0:00 am, January 20

Chen Xiaobing, chairman of Yunhu Health, started the mobilization meeting of novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control within the work groups in the first place. Product lines such as Yunhu Medical Education, Yunhu Medical Science, Yunhu Logistics, Yunhu Medicine Delivery, and Mehealth APP are quickly prepared for fighting. The company’s top management analyzed the severity of the epidemic, and made the following arrangements: Yunhu Medical Education was required to acquire and interpret epidemic prevention knowledge for knowledge publicity and epidemic prevention and control, check the supply chain of medical equipment and count the inventory. Yunhu Logistics was requested to be on standby at all times. Mehealth APP was required to prepared for prevention knowledge publicity and release related products.The task was to achieve publicity, products pick-up, on sale and delivery within one day.

January 21

Yunhu held the special work conference for novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and arranged the works. Yunhu’s various business sectors responded quickly and began to take actions.

Yunhu Medical Education produced a video courseware entitled “Popular Science and Prevention Knowledge of Novel Coronavirus”, which went on-line on Mehealth App, and launched on-line thematic knowledge training for all employees.

Yunhu Cold Chain opened a “Special Logistics Line” to pick up goods from Ningbo supplier’s warehouse and completed the stocking of 500,000 masks on the same day.

Mehealth Platform. People queued up in front of pharmacies around the company, but they could not buy any mask. In order to ease the anxiety of local people, Yunhu colleagues picked up the masks from the inventory at midnight, and carried out ground promotion on the streets, to promote Mehealth APP and sell masks at a low price.

January 22

The company’s colleagues on duty from all departments actively worked together to sort out and deliver the ordered goods till late at night, and contacted Shunfeng Express to send out batches of packed goods immediately, in the hope that those protective masks can reach the customers earlier.

January 23

With the epidemic developing even more serious and the prevention and control tasks being so urgent, the Group decided to work during the Spring Festival, to fully organize all resources and to make more efforts to fight against the epidemic. On the same day, since the company’s colleagues left for holidays one after another and the company faced with the shortage of hands, the Group issued the emergency assembly calls, and called upon colleagues in Hangzhou and surrounding cities to return to the workplace and join in the national campaign against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

January 24

The first batch of KN95 protective masks were on sale at a fair price on the “Mehealth App”. Yunhu continued to provide protection for the public. The masks became the urgently needed supply across China. On New Year’s Eve, the company responded quickly, and arranged the domestic supply chain to maximize the production to replenish the supply of masks. Besides, the company also raised novel coronavirus detection reagents, masks, protective glasses, protective clothing and drugs at home and abroad for donation.

January 25

Wang Xiaohong, vice president of Yunhu Health, drove the logistics vehicle on his own to the warehouse that was hundreds of kilometers away to transport medical supplies. Late at night, Yunhu packed the first batch of donation of the “novel coronavirus prevention supplies for Wuhan” to send to Wuhan Xiehe Hospital.

January 26

Late at night, the second batch of supplies worthy of 130,000 yuan donated by Shanghai Jiaotong University’s medical class, medical equipment class and oral cavity class was sent to Wuhan. Yunhu Health raised all the supplies and the Secretary Qiao of the private branch of the Chinese Hospital Association contacted with the Wuhan Asia Hospital.

January 27

An investment organization discussed the graded diagnosis and treatment plan with Yunhu and entrusted Yunhu Health to purchase a batch of medical supplies worthy of 2 million yuan, including N95 medical masks, influenza A and B test paper and antiviral medicine, which were all urgently needed supplies. Upon arrival, the supplies would be put into the community health service centers for the residents. During the outbreak period of influenza, ordinary patients can carry out self-screening to reduce the pressure of hospitals and effectively avoid cross infection among patients.

To this end, Yunhu sought supplies from various resource channels and completed the purchase and transportation of multiple batches of supplies in a short period of time in the form of relay transportation by employees across cities.

On that day, Yunhu Health purchased a batch of medical supplies from Weifang, Shandong Province. Zhang Kewei, responsible person of the inspection line of Shandong branch, picked up the goods and drove to Huai’an where he handed over the supplies with Xie Chun, responsible person of the inspection line of Jiangsu branch. Xie Chun was in charge of the second part of the relay transportation. After receiving the goods, Xie Chun rushed to Changzhou overnight to complete the handover of hope and life with Li Fuqiang, senior vice president of the headquarters group.

January 28

Through Yunhu’s various efforts, Yunhu again sent out three batches of donated medical supplies such as detection reagents, masks, protective goggles and medicines to Wuhan on January 28.

January 29

The coronavirus detection reagents worthy of over 100,000 yuan were sent to Wuhan, which was donated by an investment company, and Yunhu Health was responsible for the whole process. Yunhu’s partners who stuck to the front line completed all the tasks of preparing goods, making payments, picking up goods, packing and delivering in just over 10 hours from the time when they received the donation information.

Another batch of needed medical supplies donated by the students of Shanghai Jiaotong University’s medical class, medical equipment class and oral cavity class, which were fully undertook by Yunhu Health, were sent to Wuhan Asia General Hospital.

January 30

The graded diagnosis and treatment plan was implemented. An investment institution entrusted Yunhu Health to donate needed medical supplies worthy of millions of yuan. Yunhu people went through hardships and delivered the third batch of supplies to the designated community health service centers in Wuhan.

On the same day, 20,000 boxes of influenza A and B instant detection reagent kits donated by the investment institution were sent directly from Shandong to Wuhan, Hubei by Yunhu.

The company made great efforts and retained a batch of scarcely needed medical supplies (including KN95 masks, medical masks, medical goggles, etc.) that met the hospital standards. Yunhu decided to donate them to Yingshan County People’s Hospital of Huanggang City, Hubei Province.Yingshan County was one of the epidemic-stricken areas. Late at night, the supplies donated by a fund, and fully undertook by Yunhu Health were sent out.

January 31

Late at night, donations from the medical classes of Shanghai Jiaotong University were sent to Wuhan and Hangzhou in batches. Yunhu Health was in charge of the whole process. The supplies donated by Yunhu Health to Hubei Yingshan County People’s Hospital were sent out at the same time.

February 1

The first batch of scarcely needed supplies donated by a fund, which was undertaken by Yunhu Health, was sent to the designated hospitals in Wuhan. A capital company in Beijing was concerned with primary care, and donated detection reagents to Xianfeng County, Enshi City, Hubei Province. The supplies donated by Zhejiang Qixin Trading Co., Ltd. were sent to the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine.

February 2 – 3

On February 2, the scarcely needed supplies worthy of millions of yuan were sent out one by one, which were donated by an investment institution, and Yunhu Health undertook the whole process. Another capital company joined hands with Yunhu Health to launch an anti-epidemic campaign, and donated the urgently needed medical supplies worthy of 800,000 yuan, which were directly sent to the city level and county level medical institutions. Those areas all faced with difficulties and were in urgent need of medical supplies. The direct transportation of supplies ensures the direct and accurate arrival of love and care.

On the evening of February 2, another relay transportation of donation by Yunhu Logistics quietly began. This relay transportation spanned thousands of miles and took two days and two nights.

Due to traffic control of various places caused by the epidemic, the supplies that were jointly donated by Yunhu Health and other caring enterprises could not be delivered to Hubei by a third-party logistics unit, while the medical supplies purchased in Hubei with great difficulties could not be sent out. To this end, Yunhu immediately decided to open a dedicated Yunhu logistics line and solve the above urgent problems through relay transportation.

At 5 pm on February 2, Li Yuqing, director of the Group’s logistics center, together with the colleagues, drove the logistics vehicles on their own to rushed to Hubei overnight. Those vehicles were loaded with supporting supplies to Huanggang, Huangmei, Xianfeng and other places in Hubei.

At the same time, Jiangshan, head of inspection line of Liaoning branch, together with the colleague Wu Junpu, drove the Yunhu logistics vehicle to Wuhan supplier’s warehouse in the early morning of February 3 to pick up the supplies (which were expected to be donated to Wannan Medical College and supplies meant to be transported to other provinces and regions), and rushed to meet with Li Yuqing and other colleagues.

Finally, on the afternoon of February 3, the two sides successfully “joined forces” at the Anhui service area at the junction of Anhui and Hubei province, and exchanged supplies, finishing the two-way relay transportation.

Later, Li Yuqing and other colleagues successfully delivered the donated supplies to Wannan Medical College and set foot on the return journey. Jiangshan and other colleagues returned to Hubei Province to transport the donated supplies to Huanggang, Huangmei and Xianfeng.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Yunhu Health has cooperated with various units and has sent out 20 batches of charity donations. In the future, Yunhu Health will continue to stick to the “anti-epidemic home front” and continue to fight until winning the victory of the war against epidemic.

Cheer up,Wuhan!Cheer up,China!