ZWC Portfolio | CCTV(China Central Television) Commends Yitu Technology for its Efforts to Help Control the Spread of China’s Coronavirus Outbreak
February 16, 2020

Advanced medical decision-making technology is one of the most important clinical weapons in the war against the COVID-19 epidemic.

In a recent CCTV China Central Televisionbroadcast featuring companies working alongside the nation to fight the epidemic,Yitu AI was lauded for its help in the controlling the current epidemic in Wuhan. The company’s ” COVID-19 intelligent evaluation system” is used by medical staff in Wuhan hospitals such as Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan University People’s Hospital, etc., to evaluate CT and assist doctors in making clinical decisions.


In order to provide timely support in Wuhan, Yitu expedited its research and development on the product, rolling it out on January 28. Within the next 24 hours, Yitu’s team rapidly deployed the system across several provinces,  allowing the system to be used to fight the outbreak as soon as possible. 

After a new diagnostic standard was officially released on February 5, the system was further deployed to more than a dozen provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, including Hubei, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanxi, Fujian, Guangdong, and Inner Mongolia. The solution was put to use  in areas badly affected by the virus outbreak and used on the frontline.

In a  “Proposal Letter” (letter of Weixin Institute [2020] No. 12) issued by the China Society for Health Information and Healthcare Big Data, the institute called Hangzhou Yitu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. a national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform for and praised it for its cooperation with Shanghai Key Laboratory of Medical Image and various medical imaging professionals in fighting the virus outbreak.  The institute also said it was very grateful for the company’s support in epidemic prevention and control and would continue rely heavily on Yitu AI’s technical expertise. The institute urged others to learn from Yitu’s actions, take the initiative to collaborate on innovation to help fight the epidemic.

Proposal Letter