ZWC ranked among “Top 20 Best VC Investment Companies of 2021” by Lieyun
December 10, 2021

Themed around “Innovation and transformation in the age of turbulence”,’s 2021 annual awards selection was duly wound up with disclosure of full winner list on December 8. ZWC was ranked among “Top 20 Best VC Investment Companies of 2021” and its partner Xu Wei was rated a “Top 21 Best Female Investor of the Year”.

KPMG’s Q2’21 Venture Pulse Report – Global Trends (hereinafter referred to as the Report) lately released suggests that VC investment was strong in all regions of the world during Q2’21. The pandemic has really expedited the need for digital transformation, for innovation, and for doing business better in general. Many established companies globally have come to the realization that they don’t need to innovate from scratch, and that a better approach might be to partner with startups.

VC investors expect cooperates and consumers will continue to embrace innovative business models even after the pandemic, given their better understanding of the benefits in terms of speed, responsiveness, and agility.

In view of this, initiated the selection of “Annual Top 20 VC Investment Companies” for the year 2021. For criterion of awarding, the review panel delivered the final winner list by making allowance for institutional fund raising, investment strength, return on investment, well-known cases, etc.

Women have begun penetrating in VC investment, who exhibit their charisma and resolve in all areas. With sharp mind and foresight, they precede others in making a foray into the blue ocean market and delivering many marvelous investment projects.

As female investors expand their influence year by year, their contribution to VC investment cannot be underestimated. To pay homage to female investors in relentless pursuit of innovation and transformation in the age of turbulence, selected the “Top 21 Best Female Investor” for the year 2021. Based on indicators that fall into such two categories as professionalism in the field and investment performance, including consistency between field of investment and actual investment projects, quantity of investment projects, quantity of famous projects, return on investment, etc., “Top 21 Best Female Investor” for the year 2021 were listed in the end.

As an institutional investor focused on integration of industrial resources, ZWC will promote technology & innovation and facilitate industrial upgrading with continuous effort by holding fast to “altruism” and value innovation.