ZWC Partner Xiaolu Yu Recognized as "Most Noteworthy Female Investor in 2022"
March 16, 2022

As the Women’s Day approaches, in order to discover more women power, CYZONE, committed to finding more outstanding women in investment, published the 2022 Female Investor for the third consecutive year. Xiaolu Yu, a ZWC Partner, was listed as one of the “Most Noteworthy Female Investor in 2022”

More female investors are coming under the spotlight and taking charge of VC or PE firms. They have also built strong presence in such sectors as medicine, healthcare, technology and more. The keywords such as consumption and culture sectors that fit the stereotype no longer tell the whole story of female investors. In the technology sector, they can connect with the entrepreneurs with their professionalism and more importantly, their ability to empathize.

The evaluation for the “Most Noteworthy Female Investor in 2022” started at the end of last year. After three months of registration, investigation and review, 30 female investors were selected for their potential as well as the ability to discover. The evaluation was based on performance in multiple dimensions such as investment experience, investment performance and influence within the industry.

“In me the tiger sniffs the rose.” The line wrote by the Siegfried Sassoon is the best description of today’s female investors. They are beautiful and graceful, but beneath that, they are bold and fearless in marching into new investment territories; coupled with this is their keen insight that allows them always sense the first investment opportunity in sectors. We expect more female investors to climber higher and support enterprises to develop even faster.