About Us

Founded in 2015, ZWC Partners(ZWC), is a dual-currency fund platform focusing on early stage and long term investments. The fund’s Asset Under Management (AUM) to date has exceeded one billion US dollars, covering nearly 10 unicorn companies.

ZWC provides capital support and value-added services for China and Southeast Asia innovative companies across consumer technology, corporate services, and industry Internet sectors.

ZWC investment portfolio is including Tantan,4paradigm, Global Scanner, Yunhu Health , Dian, Zhipin, Baletu , Souche , Shuhe Group, Leyantech, etc. Other investments from our related companies inlcude VIPKID , Yitu Technology, Mobike , JD Finance, Miaopai, Wattpad, Rootcloud, etc.

ZWC’s co-founding shareholders include successful entrepreneurs and leading businessman such as Mr. Jason Jiang Nanchun, who have strong insights and resources in the consumer and technology sectors.

ZWC adheres to our core investment philosophy – “Altruism” and we believes that this is the philosophy that makes enterprises great. ZWC also integrates “Altruism” into long term operation and we consistently look for other sustainable business models and outstanding founding teams with “Altruism”. ZWC will continuously provide value-added services to help aspiring entrepreneurs to become future unicorn companies.

Entrepreneurial MindsetZWC subscribes to a “synergistic” mindset when seeking out entrepreneurial, exciting and outstanding partners. All of the founders of the fund are either successful entrepreneurs or leading business figures in their respective fields. Understanding that entrepreneurship is a trying journey, ZWC aims to pass on a wealth of experience to a new generation through the eclectic yet complementary strengths of the group.

Symbiotic PursuitZWC’s management team is based in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and composed of partners with significant experience in both domestic and overseas investments. The group holds a competitive advantage in cross-border business dealings, with broad resources in China, Southeast Asia and North America. ZWC and the family of portfolio companies could achieve synergies through their experiences in both domestic and overseas endeavors.

Operationally DrivenZWC pays tremendous attention to the growth of the entrepreneurs, with all of the investment partners able and willing to spend time and effort to become advisors to the companies. Through the role of an operational investor, ZWC aims to provide significant value-add and resources beyond just the dollar sign.

Service OrientedZWC’s group of founders and shareholders have the resources and sector expertise to add value, assist in marketing, attract talent, expand operations and help grow the family of portfolio companies.