20 Awards Earned! ZWC Partner and Portfolio Companies on Seven Rolls
January 4, 2022

As 2022 looms, venture capital medias are releasing lists and reports these days to conclude how the innovative economy has changed and developed over the past year from different dimensions. Focusing on sci-tech innovation and embracing the forefront of the industry, ZWC Partner (hereinafter referred to as ZWC) is privileged to have been working with its portfolio companies to unremittingly forge ahead the course of industrial digitalization and intelligentization. That is also why it has been well-received by the industry and won numerous awards.

We have collected all the lists, hoping these awards will become a cornerstone for us to making big strides. ZWC will continue to work with entrepreneurs with the expectation of further growth and progress.

ZWC was entitled the annual fundraising pioneer by TMTPost

On December 9, at the 2021 TMTPost  T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference, TMTPost made a headline news by releasing the voting results of the 2021 EDGEAWARDS regarding global innovation. By listing the award winning companies, people and products promoting industrial transformation, it presented a full picture of the industry in 2021. ZWC Partner was entitled The Annual Fundraising Pioneer in 2021 by TMTPost.

Committed to finding institutions and people that lead the industrial transformation and propel innovation, EDGE AWARDS is focusing on new global sci-tech cutting-edge trends. It is a global innovation award featuring authority, excellence and astute insights.

ZWC ranked among the Annual TOP 30 VC and PE investment institutions according to the 21st Century Business Herald

On December 15, The 11th Chinese Innovation Capital Summit & The 4th China Private Equity Responsible Investment Summit was held by organizations including the 21st Century Business Herald in Nanjing. ZWC was honored the Annual TOP 30 VC and PE investment institution from the year 2020 to 2021.

The 21st Century Business Herald and the 21th Innovative Capital Institute made the list through conducting investigations, interviews and questionnaires among hundreds of investment institutions and collecting performance of fundraising institutions from aspects like investment, exit and the follow-up rounds of financing of their invested projects. It also considered the data of winning bids of the third party CVSource, combining with assessments of comprehensive governance and compliance of candidate institutions by the industry experts committee.

ZWC’s portfolio companies were listed among the most promising technology companies in 2021 by JAZZYEAR

On December 4, the technology think tank JAZZYEAR released the Highlight Breakthrough & Red Carpet Award Ceremony. The list kept the tradition of maintaining the objectivity and transparency of selecting metrics. After the collection of basic industrial data, it was officially released through finishing a cross-validation process based on data and information in various dimensions provided by companies.

The award winners of portfolio companies are as follows: Cyclone-Robotics: Cool Vendo 2021, Companies with the Largest Business Potential in Enterprise Services Trunk.tech: Cool Vendo 2021, Companies with the Largest Business Potential in Future Mobility.

ZWC’s portfolio companies was listed among the TOP100 Future Unicorn Companies by cyzone.cn.

On December 10, the “TOP100 companies” by cyzone.cn was officially updated as the “TOP 100 Future Unicorn Companies”. This change mains it focuses on looking for rapidly-developing companies that have been founded for less than ten years with the valuation being between USD 100 million and 1 billion dollars as companies like this are highly likely to become a unicorn company. Based on the perspectives of innovation practice, growth rate, financing ability, team management and development prospect, it built a mufti-dimensional enterprise value evaluation system and conducted data cleaning, screening, roundtable research, visits and investigations, discussions, verification, expert evaluation targeted at companies involved before finally made the list.

The award winners of portfolio companies are as follows: The 2021 “TOP 100 Future Companies” by cyzone.cn: HONlife, Cyclone-Robotics.

ZWC’s portfolio companies were honored as the 36Kr WISE 2021 New Economy King

On December 13, lists like “Hardcore Enterprise of the year” and “New Power Enterprise” about the 36Kr WISE 2021 New Economy King were officially released. These lists were made based on the comprehensive abilities including product creativity, business health, channel & industry status, growth potential & capital performance. Combined with the opinions of professional investment institutions and experienced analysts from 36kr, they decided after rounds of selection.

The award winners of portfolio companies are as follows: “Hardcore Enterprise of the Year” and “New Power Enterprise of the Year” in the cutting-edge technology field: Yitu.tech.   “Hardcore Enterprise of the Year” and “New Power Enterprise of the Year” in the enterprise services field: Leyanbot.com, Cyclone-Robotics.com, fadada.com

“Hardcore Enterprise of the Year” and “New Power Enterprise of the Year“ in transportation and mobility field:Xiaopeng.com.

ZWC’s portfolio companies were listed among “The Most Valuable Innovative Enterprises” given by the Real List of Pencilnews.cn.

On December 14, at the 6th The Truth Conference of Pencilnews.cn, the Real List ·Most Valuable Innovative Enterprises in 2021 was officially released. The list was made based on roundtable survey, questionnaires, telephone interviews and other methods. It involves innovative and entrepreneurial companies, industrial parks, and innovation centers in the market, making data as the basis and facts as the standard. The listed companies must be eligible in a comprehensive manner, highly recognized by the capital with good business track records.

The award winners of portfolio companies are as follows: The Top 30 Technology Unicorns: Horizon Robotics, eswin.com, Yitu.tech  The Top30 Consumer Unicorns: Hefumian.com. The Top 30 Enterprise Services Unicorns: leyanbot.com, 4paradigm.com,Rootcloud.com. The Top 30 Technology Enterprises with the Largest Investment Value: Shuhegroup.com. The Top 30 Consumer Enterprises with the Largest Investment Value: HONlife. The Top 30 Consumer Internet Enterprises with the Largest Investment Value   Dian.so. The Top 30 Enterprises Regarding Enterprise Services with the Largest Investment Value:fadada.com . The Top 30 Enterprises with The largest innovative brand force: Cyclone-Robotics.

ZWC‘s portfolio companies were ranked among the 2021 Venture 50 in the entrepreneur and investment community by Pedaily.cn.

On December 15, the final list of 2021 Venture50 made by Pedaily.cn was officially released. This year, the selection also involved hundreds of investment institutions and over one thousand investor, with the resolve to examine the industry and find out rapidly-developing enterprises, ensuing the integration of sci-tech innovation and industrial capital. The listed companies are characterized as focusing on sci-tech innovation industry, highly active in investment and expanding in new areas.

The award winners of portfolio companies are as follows:

2021 Venture50 Billboard: Horizon Robotics 

2021 Venture50 in Hardcore Technology: Horizon Robotics, eswin.com 

2021 Venture50 in Digital Technology: Rootcloud.com, 4paradigm.com, Yitu.tech 

2021 Venture50 in New Consumer Industry: HONlife, Hefumian.com

As an investment institution focusing on the integration of industrial resources, ZWC will continue to uphold the spirit of “altruism”, adhere to the concept of value innovation, and continue to promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Let’s joint hands to strive forward for a win-win result and a more innovative world.