ZWC Partners Portfolio| Yunhu Technology Secured Pre-B Round Financing of 31 Million Dollars from ZWC Partners to Accelerate the Industry Expansion for Primary Healthcare
October 22, 2019

The Internet Service Platform, ‘Me Health’, a member of the primary healthcare industry leader, Yunhu Technology, announced that it has completed the Pre-B round financing of 31 Million Dollars.

This round of financing is led by ZWC Partners, followed by the old shareholders such as China Creation Venture (CCV), BioTrack Capital, and Cash Capital.

Since founding in January, 2017, Yunhu Technology has built an internet service platform, ‘Me Health’, for primary healthcare industry. Embracing the policy of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, ‘Me Health’ integrates information across the industry value chain using a SaaS platform that collects data through provision of primary healthcare. Capturing 15% of the premium customer in the sector, Yunhu has rapidly gain industry recognition by developing itself into an industry leader offering prescriptions, medical devices, healthcare education ,etc.

Me Health Platform has become a key influencer among stakeholders: Suppliers, Clinics and Users.

For this round of financing, ZWC Partners added, ‘compared with the medical service in Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions, China’s medical service still has great room for improvement, especially when the central government is promoting hierarchical diagnosis and treatment in primary healthcare. We have been looking for rising companies to revolutionize the provision of medical service through business model and technology innovation, particularly in the primary healthcare market. Yunhu’s Me Health stands out as a top performer among competitions.’

In the past 10 years, the innovation and entrepreneurship in China’s market has mainly revolved around the core urban population.At the same time, we also noticed that there is an underserved market covering nearly 800 million population in China with a large number of unmet needs, for example, primary healthcare services.

Following this finding, we investigated China’s primary healthcare service market, and examined a variety of verticals from the perspectives of social value and commercial value. And we finally distilled down to Yunhu Health Project.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that on the Founder Chen Xiaobing and his Core Founding Team, we not only see their profound understanding of the industry and a strong execution capability, but also their desire, optimism, diligence and perseverance to improve the current situation of primary healthcare industry in China. Their conviction in driving change for greater goods proves to be consistent with the investment philosophy of “Altruism” that our fund has always insist on, fueling our determination and confidence to accompany Yunhu’s growth.

We found that Yunhu’s first product is ‘Primary healthcare Inspection Platform’. It is a basic inspection solution that is composed of several features: 24-hour Inspection in the Province, 2-hour Inspection in the Region, Life Science Cold Chain Logistic, Cloud Report, AI Intelligent Report Interpretation, Experts’ Interpretation and other functions. This integrated solution effectively solves the needs of many primary healthcare institutions.

Having successfully achieved “Make the medical inspection simpler and the diagnosis more convenient”, Yunhu has established a sound reputation, gaining the trust of many primary healthcare institutions. As such, customers have raised out more demands and requirements. For example, from “diagnosis” to “prescription”, it is a complete process of primary healthcare treatment, also a step for Yunhu towards primary healthcare solutions. Yunhu will continue to build a whole process of primary healthcare treatment with technology and service.

Besides, with the introduction of a large number of policies, the prospects for primary healthcare are becoming broader. At present, the primary healthcare startups do not expand blindly as they did when they entered this industry, but instead, they have begun to provide solutions for primary healthcare institutions via “Improving management ability, improving diagnostic level, improving revenue ability, and improving customer acquisition ability” . This is exactly what Yunhu has been advocating for.

In the past 2 years, there have been 150,000 clinics that have cooperated with Yunhu’s Me Health Platform. And Yunhu’s goal is to serve 500,000 primary healthcare institutions through better primary healthcare solutions.

Chen Xiaobing, CEO and President of Yunhu Technology Co., Ltd, said, Yunhu Technology is determined to build the first internet service platform in primary healthcare industry in China.

‘We will take the primary healthcare inspection as an entry point to penetrate the national market quickly, with our wide range of offerings including our SaaS platform, medicine, medical devices, healthcare education and so on. We mainly solve the core problem of primary healthcare, such as limited access to basic healthcare information, scarce high-quality resources, lack of professional knowledge, lack of profitability and so on. Our strategy is to form a closed-loop solution from primary healthcare inspection solution to primary healthcare treatment solution, realizing our enterprise vision of “Science and technology empowers primary healthcare treatment and make people healthier”.’

Yunhu Technology will use this round of financing in the following aspects:

1. We will continue to provide in-depth operation of enabling service of Me Health Platform for basic customers, maintain the competitive edge in the filed of primary healthcare inspection, accelerate the product superposition of pharmaceuticals and instruments and so on, expand service contents and boundaries, change ourselves from the provider of primary healthcare inspection solutions to the provider of primary healthcare solution, improve the service experience of primary healthcare institutions.

2. At present, Yunhu Technology has covered 25 provinces, 450 prefecture-level cities, with 150,000 cooperative basic clinics. We will continue to boost customer conversion through strengthening the delivery of our professional education.

3. We will continue to strengthen R&D investment, strengthen technical middle-ground construction, focus on the in-depth development of information products matrix, integrate the whole process of primary healthcare service provisions, and provide a high-speed way of information for industrial layout.

4. We will strengthen the infrastructure construction of supply chain, logistics, warehouse and delivery, to ensure effective and efficient resource distribution.

5. We will strengthen the optimization of organizational structure and build the talent echelon, to create a more professional and stronger army of primary healthcare service provider.

Primary healthcare Inspection Industry is at still its infancy and much market education is needed.
The expansion of primary healthcare inspection requires strong infrastructure construction. Yunhu Me Health is continuously building the Supply Network, Information Network, Logistic Network, Terminal Network, which are the core barriers.

Me Health Platform will soon officially launch B Round Financing.

With the mission of “Empowering the basic clinics and assisting hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, Yunhu Technology is dedicated to build the top internet service platform in the primary healthcare industry of China. It is determined to realize its promise of “making people around you healthier”.