ZWC Partners listed as Top 5 New Infrastructure Investment Institutions in China by Yicai
September 3, 2020

On top of being accredited as Top 20 Venture Capital Institutions 2020 by Yicai, ZWC Partners has again been recognized as Top 5 New Infrastructure Investment Institutions 2020.

New infrastructure, has been given new scientific and technological connotations, which is now characterized by a shit of development focus to 5G, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, and new energy. Essentially, it is the Chinese government’s vision and a guiding blueprint to enhance the market economy with digital transformation across all sectors.

For the selection of the list of new infrastructure investment institutions in 2020, Yicai’s research institute has, through a more than three months of research and interviews of 400 investment institutions, comprehensively evaluated the investment performance, number of investments, and quality of the investments in the new infrastructure sector.

ZWC Partners believes that with government’s advocacy of the new infrastructure framework, more innovative services and business models will emerge. Since the founding in 2015, ZWC Partners has conducted in-depth research and investment mapping in sectors that resonate with “new infrastructure” concept. In this round of evaluation by Yicai, ZWC Partners’ portfolios 4th paradigm, Yitu Technology, Leyan Technology (artificial intelligence), Rootcloud (Industrial Internet), EV Power (charging station), Xiaopeng Motors (new energy), were among the curated list of “Infrastructure” investment cases. ZWC Partners is ranked 5th in the Top10 New Infrastructure Investment Institutions 2020.