ZWC Partners awarded China's Top20 Venture Capital Institutions of the Year 2020
September 1, 2020

On August 27, 2020, the Yicai Equity Investment Summit was held in Shanghai. The 2020 Yicai Annual Equity Investment Value List was officially released at the summit, where ZWC Partners was awarded, Top 20 Venture Capital Institutions of the Year 2020.

In compiling this year’s “Annual Venture Capital Institutions List”, Yicai conducted data research and evaluation on nearly a thousand institutions through LP, GP, and entrepreneur recommendation. The assessment adopts a wholistic approach, covering all aspects of fund operation from fundraising, to investment, to portfolio management, to exit. Yicai comprehensively examines, in both quantitative and qualitative ways, the level of value creation of the institution through multiple areas such as performance return, team composition, degree of institutionalization and social responsibility.

The committee weights various metrics based on reasonably quantified basic data and facts to reveal the characteristics of the organization with regards to their priorities, including core indicators reflecting the institutional construction, investment strategy, and economic benefits of equity investment institutions. In the current macroeconomic background, Yicai also pay special attention to whether investment institutions can help new economic enterprises in the real economy further unleash their “vitality”, show “resilience” and help “recovery”.

Nowadays, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) social and investment values has become an important trend worldwide. The practice of ESG indicates the sustainability of the organization and is warmly welcomed by the expectations of LPs for investment institutions.

Since the first release of the Yicai Annual Equity Investment Value List, a key part of the evaluation process has been the emphasis of the practice of ESG. This resonates with the core values of “Altruistic Investment Philosophy” that ZWC Partners has always adhered to, where we firmly believe that companies under these values will achieve the vision of a great company. The ZWC Partners team also integrates “altruism” into its operating principles, seeking and supporting sustainable business models and excellent founding teams with “altruism”, and providing enterprises with continuous value-added services to help incubate a new generation of unicorn that drives social impact.